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We are amongst the First Commercial seed farmers and seed wholesalers in the world. We only sell seed that we produce  For many years we have been growing  and supplying the world top grade seeds !
Our seeds have been sold under many brand names and for a while we were the best kept secret . We can proudly say that  our strains are classed as indigenous to their geographical locations around the world. It is our attempt to bring back the finest quality of cannabis there is. We feel many have lost track what the real deal is.  It is our MISSION to turn back the clock and give you close to the original strains as possible ! It takes much dedication and time to achieve our aim. Getting back to the basics is like removing all the different colors in a mixed ball of play dough well if you can understand that then you know where we are coming from! Our aim is to give you the purest strains! We have a dedicated team at Malberry to make sure of that!

We at Malberry, In the proudest  of marijuana grow Traditions, have been breeding you the Finest Cannabis/Marijuana seeds since 1978 . For over 30 years  we have brought you the finest quality in Cannabis seeds. Our seeds are the real deal and carefully selected with the no cross DNA  thereby providing you pure strains . Our plants  are historically, indigenous to Certain Countries around the world and we  therefore endeavor make sure your seeds are genetically as pure as possible . You see the ... the veggie matter from plants are converted to oil for cancer patients so purity of our plants and seeds is very important to promoting the best possible medicinal value of  marijuana.
Our deals are simply the best value for money that you will not find anywhere else .We supply grow shops & seed banks around the world ! "We are tried and tested best value for money and dedication to service for over 30years ''
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